Armin Haag

A big welcome to our newest member of the ICTA Franck Sirach.  Frank joined up earlier this week and showcased his beautiful Checker Taxicab. Frank is in France near Toulouse, and has already connected with Chris Monier.  The Facebook page has been fantastic in terms of getting Checker fans, connected globally.   It really allows all of our member to experience a true Checker World.

This really begs the question, can the ICTA host a Checker show in Europe?  Clearly the answer is yes, and perhaps Chris Monier has already thrown down the gauntlet.  Chris posted “we were thinking about a European Checker gathering early July this year …?”

Well we can think of a lot of members in Europe that could participate.  How about it Armin Haag,  Bob Gladstone, The Disbrowes, Gerben Vermaining and Judith Geortz?  How about it>

Chris Monier