A big thank you goes out to Chris Markin and his family for pulling together this enormous Checker Parts Garage Sale!  Also thanks to Rick Burgen for coordinating in conjunction with the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive, Checkers at Auburn event coming up on August 12th thru the 14th.

Instructions from Rick: All parts will be picked up on Aug. 14th, most of us will leave Auburn and head to Kalamazoo and meet at Christopher Markin’s storage area for a nice Checker open house with a chance to meet Checker Motors founder Morris Markin’s grandson which is worth the trip in itself ! I would really like everyone to understand that his only goal here is to get these parts into the right hands, the guys trying to keep their Checker’s on the road. It shouldn’t be about the price it should be about having a piece of Checker Motors history from the family who started it all. So plan on leaving Auburn and doing the hour and a half trip to Kalamazoo, can you see a line of Checker’s north bound on I-69. Thank you for your time


To put this all in perspective here’s a message from Chris:

“I can’t begin to imagine how tough it’s been for everyone who has been waiting for this, so thank you all for hanging in there.

Again, it is with great honor and pleasure that my family and I put these parts into the hands of the Checker faithful who want nothing more then to keep their Checkers on the road.

Remember, this sale is about keeping your Checker on the road. No resale, no profiting, just a chance to (hopefully) get what you need to stay shiny and safe.

I’m excited to see everyone’s Checker(s)!!!

***Note: It’s paramount to me that everyone knows and understands: Without Maggie Markin ShaferJustin Markin, John Markin, and my forever love (think: two ducks, alone in a pond 😉 Joy Faust Markin – that this would never have happened.



We all feel the same in knowing that if we can help keep another Checker on the road and keep the history alive (and running) -well then, we should, and we will!!!

My daughter, on the other hand is pissed! Without hesitation I can say – this young lady is a Markin through and through. If I sell (her) Checker, or any other Checker other then to Jay Leno’s Garage… Well, let’s just say I’ll need my key to get into my front door for a long time before she let’s it go (not forget, but let’s it go).”

Please reach out to Rick via the Facebook profile listed below.  Some parts have been spoken for, but many are still available.

The list: (priced as one per each).

  • Five hoods $400
  • Six right-hand outer front fenders $300
  • Seven rear floor pans $500
  • Five left hand inner quarters $500
  • Seven right-hand outer door skins $100
  • Four left-hand outer door skins $100
  • Two fuel tanks minus sending units $350
  • Six pre-1974 bumpers chrome $400
  • Two left hand lower control arms $150
  • Seven lower control arms right hand $150
  • One outside release radiator mounted hood latch $100
  • Two sets tire rod end outers $50
  • One used AC front unit under – air-conditioning $500
  • Three new style back panel outer $300
  • One propane back panel outer $300
  • 1 60’s style back panel outer $300
  • Three left-hand quarter outers NOS $150
  • Nine passenger side rear quarter glass panels $100
  • Three chrome headlight bezels $50
  • One old style chrome headlight ring $50
  • 28 NOS headlight bezels $25
  • Seven chrome stone guards rh $150
  • Three stone guard chrome left hand $150
  • Two chrome grills with latch strike assembly $350
  • Four chrome grills $200
  • One right-hand corner wagon rear quarter panel $350
  • One left hand corner wagon rear quarter panel$350
  • Four right hand inner front panels $250
  • Two left hand inner front panels $250
  • Three sets of b pillars $500/set
  • One set C pillars $500
  • Three sets a pillar front end assembly $750
  • Four right hand rocker outers $100
  • Two left-hand rocker outers $100
  • Nine inner rocker panels $50
  • One upper left-hand trunk panel outer $500
  • Four upper right-hand trunk panel outer $500


For a complete access to parts photos please check out Chris’s Facebook post.


To contact Rick please reach out via a personal message on his Facebook page


For more information about the Checker’s at Auburn event please take a look at our blog for show schedule information