This blog will take us back to Checker Motor Corp. and the date May of 1974 and will share one of the first articles from CMC’s new Checker Motor News, Newsletters.  Years later the name of the Newsletter would be changed to Checker Headlights.

In the first edition of the newsletter a feature was established Fleet of the Month.  This blog will present the original article and share some photos of the actual fleet.


Freeport, Grand Bahamas Island and Freeport Taxi Co., LTD.

Called the “Fun and Gamees Island” Grand Bahamas is just 120 miles from Miami and only 76 miles from West Palm Beach. It’s the closet foreign  island to the United States.  Whether tourists to the island arrive by cruise ship at the docks or the airport, their met by Checker taxicab owned by Freeport Taxi Co., LTD.

Freeport Taxi has been using Checker A11e Taxicabs for almost ten years and their current fleet numbers about thirty Checkers.  Frank Cockburn, President says “our customers prefer the roominess of the Checkers, and the ease of entry and leaving, that’s why all our taxicab serving the port authority area meeting cruise ships and planes are Checkers.  Most of the tourists head for the International Bazaar, to the casinos or the “shops”.

Grand Bahamas is a great place to vacation.  Vacationers enjoy its beaches.   They lie in the sun. They swim.  They sail. They snorkel. They loaf.  They golf, play tennis and cycle.  The dine on such delicacies as Conch chowder,  Bahama lobster, Dover sole and Veal Milinaise.  And when they’ve had their fill…..they head back to their hotel …….or to the airport……or to the docks, in a Checker.