Feeling alone at the party,  at the other Checker related experience? If you are, its probably because you were left behind, the party moved on! It moved over to the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive.

Our web and social media Checker experience is still number one. Not only number one, but we now have 5X more web traffic than any other competing site. We’re ranked 5.1M within the Alexa ranking.  The other nearest website is ranked at 29M, meaning that the website would have to surpass 24 million other websites to be equal to the ICTA.

Within our Facebook page, 60% of our members are active generating close to 4000 Facebook impressions a month. If you don’t see much activity on the other sites….it highly likely that those members have made the switch to our exclusive group.

A happy group, we monitor and delete Facebook bullies or other hooligans, you might have notice them in the other Checker groups. No politics we keep on subject…………Checkers.

The party is not just on the internet, we actually meet and showcase our cars. If your looking for a social club that tours the country and goes to quilting bees, you may not want to come to our parties, we get our hands dirty, we’re a car club, not a fuddy duddy club.  Our club leaders actually own Checkers!

Last year, we ran two shows and organized a salvage operation that saved 10 Checkers. We trade parts and help keep our Checkers on the road.  We have expert Checker people in our group who can help with your every Checker need.

While other groups plead for Checker group unity, we’re not interested. We seen more than our share of Checker thieves, jerks and litigators. No thanks, we just want to have fun and not with the folks that made the Checker hobby more challenging.  The glory hounds, the high and mighty, the folks who spent club funds to sue other clubs, need not apply.  If you’re associated or like the folks who send lawyer letters, good luck to you.

We don’t sue, we don’t bully and we don’t dump or support the dumping of Checkers. As a club we could never support such conduct. Oh and we don’t charge anything but friendship to be a member.

Despite being free our website is also the most valuable.  Why?  Because people actually use it.   That value has translated into the finest Checker Cab collector car hobby.