In this day and age of the internet, so many positive thing can be create via the magic of the internet and enabling tools. Its truly amazing how Checker fans can come together via the internet.   The experience is leaps and bounds ahead of the old paper based Newsletter experience that has largely gone the way of the “buggie whip”.

We’re very proud of the Checker electronic experience with have developed since 2008.  Do we have critics?  Yes,  quite a few.  Do we have harassing trolls?  Answer yes, just one.  That’s ok we have come to expect it,  you have to take the bad along the the outstanding good things the internet creates.    Thankfully we also use many enabling tools to block out or prevent these No-Good-Nik trolls so they can’t bother our fun loving Checker fans and the overall Checker experience.   We like a drama free Checker experience.

Early this week, one of the No-Good-Niks slipped through the cracks and made contact.  The bad man claimed that the ICTA was dead and a lonely place with no activity.  Well, it’s never good to feed the troll,  but this is a great opportunity to show how expansive the ICTA experience really is in 2020.  We’d lke to think that our effort helped people through a very difficult year.

As you can see from the header we have had over 18000, internet hits on our website in the last month.  Some metrics below:  47 blog posts views  in the last hour.  Over 1000 blogs published since we created this website in 2015.  Our Facebook page has over 671 “active participants” in the last month   Our Youtube channel has 574 followers with over 100,000 views since inception in 2008.

So if anybody claims the ICTA is dead… assured, they have most likely been blocked as harassers and have no idea as to what they are taking about.  They largely can’t see our content or participate in the dialog.