Well not really, but there are so many posts, it certainly seems that way!

We have showcased all the interesting posts we have seen on Facebook over last month and would love to see this unique vehicle come to an ICTA show. Update:

“Hello Checker Yellow Cab YELLOW SUBMARINE. FAB PPL ..Took the sub out of drydock..no Blue Meanies..I had my anti Blue Meanies Bubbles Burster out for sneak attacts..no torrpettos on my Sub…going back into drydock more Navy lingo..if it don’t move paint it..ok then”

Down to about 1 or 2 posts a day, the founding admin, has left the submarine and has not posted in the group in close to a month.  Since the admins disappearance, Bartel has effectively taken over the Facebook Checkerheads group.

This is an open invitation to all Checkerheads to “jump ship” and come back to the ICTA.  With an average of seven posts a day, 635 “active” members and great daily content the ICTA is clearly the place to be for all Checker related discussions. The ICTA is the oldest and most active Checker Cab and Marathon page on Facebook and there is one reason why; focus.

We’ve been operating for eleven years. The newcomer groups could not reach the high bar we set a long time ago,  so at Checkerheads they walked the blank and handed the group over to Robert Bartel.

Here are the most popular posts on Checker heads since July 11th.


If you want to sample the ICTA Facebook posts this past several days here are a few.



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