For 51 years, Das Awkscht Fescht has been a summer tradition for all ages. Offering three fun-packed days in the great outdoors, it’s been a perfect way for families to celebrate summer and see some of the finest antique cars from the east coast.

Bruce Jim Victor

Victor Coiro, Jim Rogers and Bruce Uhrich

This past weekend Facebook Checker Group members celebrate the 52ndannual Das Awkscht Fescht event, showing up in 8 Checkers. A pretty good showing for a regional event.


Doug and Carol Klauck’s 1972 A12

For Checker lovers the event started early with the arrival of Doug & CarolKlauck with their pristine 1972 A12 along with Chris Hutter and his family with his cool A11. Early arrivers they were able to enjoy the park before the car buffs crowded the field.



On Sunday Jim Rogers & Nicole Rogers arrived with two Checker both in taxi livery style, cab one a classic NYC, cab two….the multi colored GWB (George Washington Bridge) cab.



Jim Rogers & Nicole Rogers Cab 1

Jim Rogers & Nicole Rogers Cab 2

Jim Rogers & Nicole Rogers Cab 2

Marjorie and Bruce Uhrich made the drive from Philadelphia in their stunning 1956 Checker Model A8 Standard.  Longtime Checker enthusiast Bill Hossfield and original CCCofA founder made the event.  Bill is an a walking encyclopedia on Checkers.

Bruce and Marjorie Uhrich's 1956 Checker Model A8 Standard

Bruce and Marjorie Uhrich’s 1956 Checker Model A8 Standard

One of the original founder of the CCCofA Bill Hossfield's 1965 Checker A12

One of the original founder of the CCCofA Bill Hossfield’s 1965 Checker A12

George Lukas and wife made it up from Virginia in a pretty blue A12, .  Also with a 65 Checker A12, Tony Mattern was a late arriver, but made it in time to enjoy the show.


Up from Virginia The Lukas Checker A12

Last to arrive, but first in line Tony Mattern's A12

Last to arrive, but first in line Tony Mattern’s A12

Facebook member Victor Coiro had starter issues that morning so he brought a non-Checker finned mopar offering. Victor maintains a fleet of movie cars and his Checkers are the biggest stars.

Sadly the founder of the Checker Car Club Don McHenry was not able to show due to his advance aged.  All missed Don and his originally purchased new 1960 Checker Model A12W wagon.

One of the better events,  we hope 2016 will be a year that the Facebook Checker Group organizes more regional activities.  Coming up August 16th the Chicagoland Orphan Car Show.