“Driving Sunshine!” That’s how Miami lawyer Jane Muir describes driving her Checker. According to Muir, “Everybody who sees it smiles; everyone who sees it asks, ‘What is it?’  It’s just a fun car to be in, the Checker brings happiness wherever it goes Jane’s Checker story is unique. The car was originally purchased by her mother, Celeste Muir, whose story sheds some light on the final days of Checker automobile production.

Back in the seventies, Jane’s mother went to a conference in a major metropolitan city in the north.  Riding from the airport to the hotel, Celeste was lucky enough to catch a ride in a Checker.  It was her first time and she fell in love with the taxicab.  For the entire ride Celeste peppered the cabby with questions about the ca Upon her return to Florida, Celeste found the Winkoff Checker Dealer in Fort Lauderdale and promptly began investigating a purchase.  She collected all the available brochures, test drove the car, but Celeste already owned a very nice Ford Gran Torino, so she really did not feel the need to buy a new car. Time passed and a Checker purchase never closed, but Celeste still dreamed about owning a Checker.


On April 25th of 1982, Checker Motors Corporation announced that they would cease the manufacture of the Checker automobile. Upon seeing the news in the paper, Celeste promptly called Checker Motors in Kalamazoo, Michigan and ordered a “champagne crème” Checker A12. Celeste informed her husband, William T. “Toby” Muir that she had finally placed the order. Of course, Toby was happy with the purchase but had a few questions: “Should we order a V8 and a heavy duty A/C for the Florida climate?” Celeste agreed and  called Checker Motors the next day. Alas, the change to the order could not be made. It was too late, and the order book was closed. Thankfully, the car had been ordered just in time, albeit without a V8 or heavy duty A/C.


The Checker was delivered from Kalamazoo to Long Island, New York, where Celeste and Toby picked it up and drove it home to Miami. Over the course of the last thirty-five years, it has become an important part of the Muir family.  Celeste drove the car every day for thirty years. Jane fondly remembers growing up with the Checker: road trips to Disney World, camping in the back seating area, playing board games on the floor of the Checker. The Checker today still sports two bite marks on the armrest from a three-year-old Jane.

Checker was delivered and over the course of the next 35 years has become an important part of the Muir family.  Jane fondly remembers growing up with the Checker: road trips to Disney, camping in the back seating area, playing board games on the floor of the Checker. The Checker today still sports two bite marks on the arm rest from a three year old Jane.Like her mother Jane too fell in love with the Checker, affectionately called Chuggy.


As Jane grew up she too wanted a Checker. Other than for driving the Checker, Jane’s mother is known for being a circuit court judge for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, a position she has held since 1989.  Like her mother Jane earned a law degree, and today Jane is an attorney who practices in civil litigation.


The Muir Family

When Jane received her law degree, she received something else very special.  Jane’s mother gifted her the 1982 Checker Marathon “Chuggy”. What a special gift.

Like her Mother,  Jane continues to enjoy the Checker and uses it as her daily driver.  Jane has found the Checker very helpful in her career.  Often when people are looking for a lawyer in Miami, it have been heard in the Miami Dade County Court House: how about the lawyer with the Checker?

We want to personally thank Jane for showing us around Miami last July, please enjoy as Jane gives us a tour of the murals of Miami in her Checker.

Check out the video tour with just a click to the link.