From a recent public FACEBOOK post by Joshua Samuel

“Here is our 1966 Marathon racing with MANDRA 327 Chevy powered!

In the staging lanes with our 66 Marathon at Cecil County Dragway. We are ET time trial while racing a Ford powered dragster that runs low 11’s.

It was about 60 degrees that day and the measured air density was 20’ above sea level. Had the header tubes open, slicks on and a few gulps of 100 octane Track Fuel.

We were making power….. I can’t wait for Spring! This photo makes me want to go drag race!  BTW,  that’s the wife driving the Checker”

Checker In the Burnout pit! 327 Chevy’s love RPM!

Was Running a B2 Class Nostalgic 1/8 th mile drag racing! At South Mountain Dragway in Boiling Springs Pennsylvania, Love that track! Went To second round eliminations cut an .002 light first round an ran my ET dial dead on! Second round light ..well… I didn’t go to third round.

Less than 60 days till tracks in my area open for the season…. the Checker is now sporting a New ATI 10” convertor hope my 60’ times are worth all the work.