Well Joe  Fay and I did it again. Two more coming from 495 Auto parts. Should be picked up this week. They are heading to Ohio to Ben Merkel’s place. I will go out and grab mine in the spring. Next up for me are the California cars. Then I’m done for awhile. I need to get the fleet running and repaired. Lots of projects going, but it will be worth it in the end.

Editor Post Script:  to put this in perspective, Dan has acquired a significant fleet from Joe Pollard and Fred Miller, here’s just one from the fleet.  A Media Cab.    According to Dan,  “Along with a few other projects I want to detaxi this car. Repainted gloss white. Red stripe down the side. Red high beams, spotlight and an old-school gumball light on the roof along with the old siren. Should be pretty interesting as a mini ambulance.”

You’ll be hearing more from Dan over the next few weeks.  Dan has built up the parts largest fleet of vehicles next to Joe Pollard and Ben Merkel.