Bill Crawford is a familiar name to any Internet Checker Taxicab Archive member who participates on the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive Facebook page.  Bill actively posts pictures of his Checkers every week in the Facebook group.  The photos are dynamic, since Bill joined the group two years ago he has documented his Checker in all four season all over the metropolitan Seattle area.

Well, Bill has just completed a significant restoration of the of one of his Checkers and we just have to share the great progress that has been made since February. Bill has transformed his Checker from a taxi wagon to a true Checker custom wagon

In February Bill posted “My wagon is going under the knife and having a “Taxi-ectomy”. Being repainted a new color and having all shiny parts rechromed or replaced.
ETA 5 weeks”

Well eight weeks later,  the transformation has been completed and the results are striking. As with any restoration there will always be challenges and Bill kept us posted on Facebook. Some of his posts were funny as we can all relate!

Bill’s Facebook post: More bodywork and delivering my chrome to the plating shop….more $$$$$$$  🙂 🙂 🙂

And as we all know the cost can always run a little higher than expected.

Bill’s post: Decided to chrome the headlight and turn light bezels…..  🙂 $2


We’re pretty sure that Bill meant a lot more and two bucks, all we can say is that there was a payoff! The car is fantastic!  The results, Bill now can cruise Seattle is a pretty cool mild custom Checker wagon,   The Checker sports a luminescent dark blue paint job with a white top. Custom steel rims with wide white walls and baby moons. The extra money Bill spent on chrome and wheels takes the wagon to a whole new level.  Congrats Bill!

According to Bill: My paint job was blessed by God ! LOL

The baby moons on the wide whites really differentiates Bill’s Checkers from other mere taxicabs!