With close to one thousand members, the Checker Cab Facebook Club has created the most excited Checker experience on Facebook.  There’s no confusion,  our members have experienced the daily activity every day and they support and encourage us to continue to build on the great hard work started a long time ago, our origins date back to 2007.

The picture on the header of this blog represents just one post created Friday morning, close to one hundred comments and 65 photos updated the post for the following twenty-four hours.  This one post of club support was best characterized a recent comment penned by member Chris Richart, “the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive on Facebook is like having a daily Checker Cab show”.

On average the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive Faebook group recieves about 150 posts a week.  A significant amount of posting starts on Friday and carries through the weekend typically averaging 30-40 posts by Sunday.  This weekend was no different than any of the other past weekends over the last several years.

The posts tend to fall into several categories:  club blogs,  Checker Cabs for sale, requests for help, photos of projects or videos and special interest.  This weekend our blog was a short update on one of the surviving Checker assembled Bantam Jeeps and a review of Williams Spear’s book “Warbaby”.

Blog of the week “Warbaby”


We had several requests for help, one for fuel filter information and one for information of Aerobus window guards.  In each case accurate answers were provided quickly as well as links to the free Checker Manual archive on the club website.


There were several Checker’s identified for sale.  One member put up their Checker for sale to the group.  In another post a member posted a newly identified Checker for sale in the metro New York area.


Several members sold or took possession of their Checkers. Posts included one sale to another member within the club.  Additionally there was another post of and video of a member taking delivery of their Checker.

Videos,  a number of people put up videos this weekend.  Both videos covered rust issues and as usual the posts garnered significant help and opinions from members.

We also saw some neat historical or interesting posts about Checker.  One posts was a picture of the only three surviving Checker Model A8 together in NYC back in 2014.

Posting of photos, yup that’s a daily event.  One of our members posts some of the most fantastic pictures of Checkers, virtually every day.  This Saturday was no different.  Many of these photos are used to update the Facebook group header.  We change the header on a regular basis as it seems to drive dialog.

Along the lines of helping, we also saw parts sharing.  Many of our member trade or give away usable parts to fellow members, all in an attempt to help our friends keep their Checkers on the road


We at the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive are very proud of what we have created.  A safe place for Checker fans to engage in Checker fun and learning.  We promote harmony and fellowship.  We’re pretty strict on negative posts,  bad behavior and hate: no name calling or cyber bullying as has been demonstrated on other Facebook Checker groups.  More importantly, we’re a family friendly, no porn, vulgor or inappropriate photos will ever be found in our club.  We monitor Facebook alerts and act swiftly. We don’t play baseball, one strike and you’re out.  Tough rules, but important in keeping the rabble out of our exclusive closed group.

Do we have detractors?  Well yes,  all we can do is forgive them for they don’t understand the errors of their ways.  We believe in truth and are ready to share our story.  A powerful story made even stronger by the tremendous members of the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive who participate and help each other seven days a week, twenty -four hours a day.