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Sunday morning, heading for Calais and its 15 m high dragon! 70 tons and going 5 mph… very very impressive!…. It’s raining but quickly, the weather is picking up and the Ferries pass far behind this unusual passage of taxis and Dragon. 6 Checkers to go and the 7th will join us for the final meal at Memphis Cafe.

It will be time to say goodbye early afternoon… we were delighted to meet owners of these very endearing Taxis that make both elderly and children smile who feel like a car escaped from a giant toy trunk passing by.  We continue the road to Paris with Michel and his cab…
Arriving in Paris at the end of the day. Going to listen to Cuban music at Cuba Company. Then crossing from Paris east to west via the Arc de Triomphe. Passing by the Mustang workshop at our friend Patrick’s place to show Aldee his exceptional collection of vehicles, motorcycles and collectibles of all sorts… I take a place in the two American women who belonged to Coluche. One still has his custom Leopard interior as he liked and the Buick did his Presidential campaign , it’s cool to touch the steering wheel of the guy’s van who made “a guy’s history!” “
We’re hungry … a delicious little couscous at midnight?… yes it is possible at the lovely owners of the Val d’Or in Suresnes.
A big thank you to Chris Monier for the photos and narratives for the European Show.  Chris did a great job organizing this entire event.