Back in July Dan Smith posted the following message on his website  “According to Dan Smth “I have made up my mind, the juice is not worth the queeze. Checker Parts is officially closed. I no longer have cars or parts for sale.   Its unfortunate that to many people who own these cars think its 1982 and everything should be free. The time, effort and money I have wasted wasn’t worth my time. Checker Parts is no more.”

Flash forward to November  2020 and Dan Smith has posted a very promising message on Facebook for Checker fans!  According to Dan “ I am back in Arizona.  I have had way too much on my plate recently, if I have forgotten anyone on parts please email me,  I am still busy with my regular, bear with me. Thanks Dan Smith.”

Dan also posted on Facebook yesterday that he is selling Checker Pittman Arms!  Is Dan back selling Checker parts?   We hope so, we’ll keep all posted as more information develops.  If you have an immediate need,  Dan’s email is

If you don’t know Dan,  here he is at the Lawrence, Mass Checker Salvage exercise

A followup message from Dan clarifying is current situation

“Checker parts is closed. I love reading that I expect people to kiss my ass when in reality all I need is a good beating. I have way too much going on in my life to worry about checker parts. Thanks for the post, would have been great if you called and asked me first. I would have loved to continue with checker parts but quite a few people ended it for me. I wasn’t planning on joe passing away and getting stuck dealing with all this. I have heard all the stories and lines. I was just storing my car, Joe was going to sell it to me for this amount and my all time favorite is a clown in your group threatening to harass Joe’s widow with a lawyer and fund a lawsuit against me for helping her with Joe’s mess. I have no patience for tire kickers or game players. Why don’t you post this. Dan.”