Its been about four weeks since the passing of our Checker friend Joe Pollard.   Joe served the Checker community well for over twenty plus years.  Over the last ten years Joe had built up a significant inventory of Checker parts.  Much of his consolidation came from other Checker vendors that ultimately closed and sold off their respective inventories to Joe.

Fleet on the move to Phoenix

The dwindling number of vendors has been an issue for some time and was made more difficult for Checker fans when Checker Motors of Haverhill, Mass.  left the market and trashed 40 Checker parts cars in a crushing yard last year.  Thankfully, ICTA member Daniel Smith saved the day and executed a salvage operation in Lawrence.  Through his effort 10 plus cars were saved and a significant number of rare parts were pulled from standing units in Lawrence, Mass prior to the crushing exercise.

Now as we all mourn the lose of Joe, we have great news and some updates on the transition of Joe’s Checker parts business.  Last year Dan stepped up to the plate, and in similar fashion Dan has stepped up again to move an entire Checker business from California to Arizona.

Emerson Zentz to the rescue

Anybody who knows Dan knows that Dan is a no nonsense, take charge dynamo. Some may confuse his behavior with hyperactivity, we know Dan well enough to know it’s a deep passion for all things Checker. He’s not a talker, he’s a doer.    He has little time for BS, he just wants to move and get the job down.

We have an update from Dan.   Joe’s business in Chatswoth, CA. is 405 miles from Dan’s new location in Phoenix.   Adding to the complexity is the fact that Joe actually had two locations,  those two locations were separated by 80 miles.   In order to move the business, Dan will have logistically move two locations into one Phoenix location.

Dan Smith and one of his many Checkers!

Dan has been updating ICTA members with posts on the ICTA Facebook page.    This week ICTA members received the happy news that Dan has completely moved the California operation to Phoenix.   Dan was able to execute this move of a two week span!    With the help of some hired guns and ICTA member Emerson Zentz the job got done with rapid dispatch.

Trucks were loaded with all of the parts on location in the California location.  Additionally approximately ten cars need to be moved.  Some of these Checkers had not moved in five years.  Tires were flat, batteries were dead and in some cases gas in the tanks had turned to varnish.  In some cases, trees had to be cut down to get access to the Checkers.  All the cars are now in Phoenix.  Dan will be making a determination as to which cars will be sold and which will be kept.  We’ll keep Checker fans posted as these cars hit the market.  The parts are now being organized and inventoried.

Dan is a very organized guy, upon inspection last August, this writer was impressed with his Phoenix Checker collection and parts inventory.   Take a look at the photos, Dan has organized and racked the California inventory.   We Checker fans are very lucky that Dan’s focused methods will deployed in his Checker business.

Future plans for Dan is to move the second California location to Phoenix, we’ll keep all posted as Dan updates the ICTA members on our Facebook page.   Better yet, why not join our Facebook page and receive the updates directly from Dan?

Please remember the moving of two business locations takes a lot of effort.  If you reach out the Dan and he’s late responding, please be understanding.  Hopefully, Dan will be fully running in about 6 months.

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