The ICTA is very lucky to have some spectacular members. We’re also very lucky to have some former CMC assemblers in the group too. Many of our members love factory photos, we post them quite often and its always great to see commentary from the guys who actually built our Checkers. Here are two examples of factory photos from the film Blue Collar.

Commentary by Jack Fritz Jr. Header Picture

“I’ve ran that hoist a few times. I remember welding the floor pan to the body. when your welding the rocker panel to the body you run the welds across the bottom then you push a button on the welder to extend the gap between the welding tips so you can weld the top of the rocker panel. if your finger slips off the button when you go from bottom to top then you put a big hole in the rocker panel which I have done a few times. the repair men would fill the hole with lead, grind it smooth and all is good.”

Commentary on the door assembly picture

“You would put the outer skin on the jig and then match the inner to the outer, next you would take a block of wood that is fitted for a air hammer and bend the outter skin over the inner door.”

Now for our blog readers,  Can anybody tell us the story of this factory picture?  Any ideas, please comment below.