A quick update on one of our older blogs,  back in 2018 we posted several items about the Checker Fleet operating in Clearwater, Florida.   We wrote  “For close to ten years John Didomizio has built a significant fleet of Checkers.  All were restored and brought back to a condition where they could again provide reliable taxicab service 24 hours a day.  John currently has a fleet of about ten cars ranging from model years 1961 to 1982. Sadly it will soon be the end of the line.  John will be putting the entire fleet up for sale.”

Two years later, here’s an update from John.  “The fleet has been sold in pieces to people all over the US. Some are going to be in movies others will be garaged and be fully restored for personal collections. I’m proud to of owned them all years,  a great group of cars I wish everyone that owns one all the best to enjoy. It’s a beautiful area to keep a life I truly love these cars enjoy everyone. God bless.”

We happy to note that most did find a great home and in some cases,  the cars have already been totally restored.  Others have been chopped up for parts.  I am happy to report,  I have a nice starburst grille, straight across bumpers and a A9 dashboard now sitting in storage.   ICTA members Adam Burlett purchased one and   Robert Ferndon, was able to restore one for a friend, let’s hope all get restored to this level of excellence.