According to Bob Kerkel, his Checker was a sweet deal. Bob wrote about his 1975 Checker car is “its an Arizona car with 54,710 miles on it. It runs wonderfully. There is not a squeak or rattle in it even on my country roads in Cave Creek. The motor is tight as a tick with zero noises or quirks. The transmission shifts like new and I just installed a new fan clutch as the original locked up and it sounded like a jet aircraft was taking off. The A/C is all functioning, but it is low on Freon and those hoses are 45 years old. I wouldn’t waste Freon charging it up before a little bit of maintenance. There are no leaks and I put a new set of premium radials on it. The brakes appear fine and still have a lot of meat on them. this is a super solid car that has a few dents and dings on it, but it is a never seen salt Arizona car since new. It was bought at Charlie’s Checkers in Tucson by a well to do family for their Butler to use transporting the kids to school and getting the family back and forth to the airport.

Bob recently put the A11 on the market, it sold quickly to our old friend from France Chris Monier. Chris is the co-author of the book “The American Tax, A Century of Service” with Ben Merkel. A longtime member of the ICTA, Chris had not owned a Checker for some time, some may be familiar with Chris’s beautiful DeSoto Taxicab.

Recently Chris posted on the ICTA Facebook page “I will be crossing the country from October 2nd to the 12th. Anybody that wants to meet on the road , here are the towns I will be passing by : Phoenix , Tucson, El Paso , Dallas, Memphis , Nashville, Louisville, Cleveland, Hershey and NYC.” Clearly Chris has a lot of faith in the Checker he just purchased.

Today, Chris posted “Two days before departure for the road trip across the USA with a 1975 taxi…will keep you posted. Let’s eat miles of asphalt like cinemascope!

Chris, we at the ICTA wish you the best of luck, you know how to reach us and we look forward to seeing you as you pass through Ohio!  We’ll post updated from Chris as the trip progresses.