Our buddy Chris has made some significant progress on his Checker A11 restoration.  Chris purchased the Checker from Bob Kerkle in Arizona last year. This blog will showcase the photos and comments that Chris has posted to the ICTA Facebook page.  Back in January Chris posted his first update of 2021.  Per Chris  “Primer done … can’t wait to get the beast painted yellow!”

Up first, Chris’ inspiration!

Cool pic of what I would guess a brand new Checker on the streets of NY circa 1982. Check the fresh paint , shiny bolts on the bumperettes , the original factory Checker special decal with white border around … the only thing that looks old is …. the partition ( the window looks old and blurry) , most likely transferred from another cab ? Your thoughts? Like this pic !

Sanding …primer .. sanding …primer … hope to see some Yellow paint soon !!!!!

The Checker is getting yellow… it feels SO good to see some yellow paint on that beast

Paint Complete

New Splash pan installed and secured with the bolts of the NY style bumperettes .the second part of the splash panel ( with the floppy rubber ) will be installed tomorrow. The grille is just presented, not fixed yet. The door handles have new rubber and the new locks are installed too . Starting to look “Taxiiiiii !… 😉😁🚕

Making some progress…😊 The anti theft trunk plate is my favorite…. very NY … and the new hood ornament is a killer 😁

I found an old Checkerboard decal from the factory 😊 there is a part number on it and it’s location on the roof ( above the two doors , driver side ) what a nice piece of history 😁

Jan 31st. 2020

We’ll keep you posted as Chris makes further progress!