Over the years we have seen some stunning  Checker A11 taxicab restorations.  Unfortunately the majority of these cars are restored as yellow Checker cabs.    Don’t get us wrong, we love yellow cabs, but within the ranks of Checker collectors, yellow is the dominant color, perhaps its time to expand our horizons and start restoring non yellow cabs?  Green was a popular color, its time to start changing things up. Not only that, green and ivory was essentially Checkers official color for branding, let’s see an increase in green Checker restorations.

Thankfully, ICTA David Kniffen has now started a restoration of an A11, and he is doing it up as a green and ivory Chicago Checker cab!  With any authentic restoration, it’s always important to select the correct paint.  David has been able to use the ICTA archive to gain access to the proper paint code.

The following sample color charts are Dupont paint codes.  The corresponding numbers 95 and 39 are correct for the Chicago paint.  According to David, the photos of his project appear more like an Electric green, but he assures us the the code is correct and provides a stir sample.

As stated earlier, its great to see a Checker being restored in a color other than yellow.  Will post up more photos as David makes progress.