For 55 years, Das Awkscht Fescht has been a summer tradition for all ages. Offering three fun-packed days in the great outdoors, it’s been a perfect way for families to celebrate summer and see some of the finest antique cars from the east coast.  Members of the ICTA have been participating in this event for a least 20 years! 

The godfather of all Checker clubs Don McHenry first started attending Das Awkscht pulling his antique show car with his family Checker back in the 70’s.  Purchased new in 1961, by the 1980’s Don’s trailer pulling Superba wagon ultimately became a show car too!

Don McHenry’s 61 Superba at Das Awkscht Fescht


Over the years Don and his Checker buddy Bill Hossfield continued to promote Das Awkscht Fescht, by the 1990’s the event had become a popular meeting place among Checker owners/drivers.  Soon ICTA members Bruce & Marjorie Uhrich and Doug Klauck made Das Awkscht a regular annual event. 

This writer first went to the Macungie event way back in 1999.  A memorable show, it rained all weekend long.  Despite the rain, Checker fans including Michael Angelich all piled into Bruce’s Aerobus and spent the weekend talking Checkers!  That memorable weekend truly demonstrated the Checker owners are never alone, we stick together no matter how much it pours.


ICTA 2016 at Macungie

The gang in 2017

Joe Fay and Michael Angelich 2016


2015 photo by Christian Hutter

Through the years more Checker fans have joined the Checker fun in Pennsylvania.  Members Christian Hutter, Michael Pincus, Victor Coiro and Bert Beebe have now made the Sunday show a significant Checker event.  Over that last three years, these ICTA members have had a big impact on the event.  Each year this event has increased in Checker participation. 

This past summer the ICTA lead with some innovative social media tools to share the event with our members while the actual event was taking place.  ICTA Facebook members were updated throughout the day with “Live” broadcast feeds direct to the ICTA Facebook page.  If members could not be at the actual event, members could participate via Facebook all day long, talk about club participation!

For 2018, the ICTA plans on making this a bigger event with a planned Checker dinner on Saturday the August 4th the night before the big Sunday event on the 5th.   As always, ICTA member Bruce Uhich is marshalling resources for Sunday.  Please note that registration is required.  The registration form can be found in the files tab on the ICTA Facebook page.


Bruce and Marjorie Uhrich’s 1956 A8 in 2015

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Michael Pincus

Bruce and Marjorie Uhrich

Christian & Gavin Hutter

Don’t forget that we have too other event set up for 2018!  If you can’t make Macungie, check out our South West and Mid West shows for 2018

Put-in Bay, Ohio Checker Show August 2018

2018 First Annual Southwest Checker Cab Cruise In

Whether you have been coming to Macungie since the 90’s or last years was your first year, we at the ICTA look forward to seeing you and your Checker in 2018!