Organizing an event is always a nerve wracking exercise.  The one nightmare that always nags at this organizer is, what if nobody comes?

Well,  all I can say is: if nobody comes,  I’ll be alone with some pretty fantastic Checkers!  The 1950 Checker A4 and 1957 Checker A8 will be on display at the A-C-D. Also at the A-C-D will be the only surviving 1933 Checker Model T.  Right next door to the A-C-D and sharing the parking lot is the NATAM and seven more Checkers are on display.

Model T fullview
Checker Model T at the ACD

So if I am alone, I’ll have to suffer through the misery of looking at ten museum quality Checker and over 150 classic Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg classics.

Six Checkers donated by Bob Welsh will be at the NATAM

But I am not going to be alone.  Informally we already have some fantastic cars prepared to appear in Auburn.  Emerson Zentz plans on driving his late model Checker and trailering his classic 1963 Checker A11 taxicab.

CMC Checker assembler Rick Burgen plans on showing up with his gorgeous Checker, as does Andy Tailor with rare Medi-Car.

Rick Burken
Rick Burgen’s pristine Checker A12

Pete Talanca and Ben Merkel plan on making an appearance too. So now we’re at sixteen Checkers. Who else will be showing?  Let’s build a virtual show on Facebook!

Pete Talanca’s Checker A11

This blog will be posted on Facebook, please comment and post a photo of your Checker, if you plan on showing at Auburn.  Please comment if you plan on visiting over the three days.  Lets create a little excitement!

For more information on the event check out our Facebook, event.

Checker Model A4 pic9
1950 Checker A4 will makes its debut
Emerson Zentz plans on showing two Checker!
The 1957 A8 will show at Auburn