Over the years, the mere ownership of a Checker has presented opportunities to participate in films, movies and television show production. All the events have been fun, perhaps the most interesting event was a show that showcased my Checker Model A8 on a Chicago local cable access TV show. Hosted by Bill Wildt, the regularly produce local access cable show, show is quite unique.

A little background on the show can be found on Bill Wildts, Facebook page. Bill posted the following:   “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill Wildt and I produce and host a weekly public access cable television series in the Chicagoland area called Motorsports Unlimited (although it is always referred to as, “The show with the girls with the feathers.” We have been on the air for nearly 30 years and have produced and aired some 1,392 episodes ranging everywhere from car shows, to sport aviation, to boating, to motorcycling, to snowmobiling”


“The shows with girls with feathers”, yes you read that correctly. Back in 2002, ICTA member and supporter Larry Claypool invited me to a taping of Motor Sports Unlimited at his Corvair shop. My first introduction to the show, all I can tell you is, it was an somewhat strange experience. There is no simple way to explain, so instead of explaining, we’ll just post an edited version of the Motor Sports Unlimited Checker Chapter. Enjoy