All right Checker people im not storing all the cars anymore. I have already started crushing the really bad ones to free up room, that being said I will be listing parts cars and project cars on ebay soon.

Here is your heads up. I’m listing sedans, E models and wagons. Some are restorable some are just parts cars, please share this post into other groups. I’m only selling complete or close to complete cars at this point.

I’m not selling parts at the moment due to the containers being a huge mess but this is going to be a one and done sale. We are all at the end of the checker run, when they are gone they are gone. I will update as I start the listings. I’m not dealing with parts at the moment but the cars are up for grabs they will all be on ebay soon. I’m getting out of the checker parts and car biz but here is everyone’s heads up.

Look for the auctions on Ebay!!!