ICTA member Stephen Fiorenzo recently reposted an older post regarding Checker Yellow paint codes.  That post was from January and it presented the famous question: What color yellow did Checker use?  The post had generated many responses, but no solid answers,  it seem that this is a challenging question

Chris Hutter nailed the correct yellow!

Amazingly, it turns out that this question has been asked 86 times since the creation of our Facebook page! That being said, perhaps we should post some information on the ICTA website. So here it goes.

Christian Hutter owns an AACA award winning Checker. Chris restored as an NYC car and has the most research car from a restoration perspective. Here’s what Chris posted in 2016.

Dupont Centauri 6554A was the NYC color code. It’s a darker yellow that’s got some orange in it. You won’t find that paint any more as its long discontinued. I’d suggest that you find a modern paint code (GM, Nissan, Ford) that is close to what you’re looking for and use that. Makes touch ups or repairs much easier than a custom paint color. Don’t ask me why I know this.”

Former CMC assembler Rick Burgen also noted “I remember them coming down the line in several different shades of yellow. Close but a little different.”

David Stenske further noted “Dupont m6284. I found this color code for Ford.”

Turns out there is really no perfect answer regarding paint codes, but as Christian Hutter rightly pointed out, there are Checker paint codes within the Facebook Archive. Here are the links to the various yellow paint codes used by Checker.

If you’re and ICTA Facebook member, just click on the links below and all the paint codes documents will be presented