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everyone. Here comes a unique, rare and very beautiful offer!!!
A Checker Station Wagon, which is still disassembled. However, the frame is sandblasted and painted, the body is painted in beautiful turquoise/old white color, a The car has a powerful V8 engine with enough horsepower. The Checker Company back then gave 1/2 million miles of warranty on the car.

I’ve wanted to assemble the car for a few years now, but I can’t get to  it. And time is running out for me. The car is complete to my knowledge, because that’s what it was before I disassembled it.  The car is cleared, so there are no costs due to import duty.

If you want to have more pictures, please report.  There is also a large warehouse with checker parts. If something is missing during assembly, you can fall back on it. But the warehouse does not belong to the car! There are a lot of new parts, often double or triple. The warehouse is worth over 5 000.– € without exaggeration.

I also have a 12 Passenger Aerobus checker, restored, painted in pearly and great leather interior.
With TÜV for only 49 500.– Euro

All cars can be visited in 88069 Tettnang.

EN-88069 Tettnang

Phone: +49 (0)171 8518787