Last year we presented a series of letters from Checker Cab owner that praised our favorite make, when we presented these great letters, we provided links to the online club archive and library. This little blog is a repeat but we’re introducing you to more letters, letters for the 1950 A6,  and like the last letter blog a link can be found at the bottom of this blog.

All the letters are interesting as a read and when put into perspective provide better understanding of the transition going on at Checker and the taxi cab industry for 1953.

Checker produced a brochure for the newly introduced Checker Model A6, as part of the sales campaign in 1953.  The published brochure reprinted about 30 letters Checker received from Checker Model A6 buyers and taxicab operators.  The following are samples for the operator in metropolitan New York.


If interest in reading all the letters, just click on the link below.