The ICTA has been able to review and photograph most of the recently dumped cars.   It appears that about five to ten cars are restorable.  Several rare car are included in the fleet.  A UPS Package Car appears to be restorable as well as several A12e’s and 60’s era Marathons.  This writer was able to save one of the wagons.

These cars were literally dumped on in the scrap yard without stripping core parts.  Items potentially available, seats, jump seats, spindles, centerlinks, doors, fenders and bumpers.

The folks who own the fleet, would like to move them out fast.  We highly recommend reaching out to them,  If you are interested in any of the Checker please call 495 Auto Salvagers in Lawrence, Mass. The yard can be reached directly via their web site

Contact them directly at 978-682-3777

We have produced a video that does a pretty good job of