One of the six Checkers that made it to the event

This past week another Checker club successfully hosted their national show, its clear as the Checker automobiles gets older and the membership continues to age. its just getting harder to execute large events, this was clearly the case for 2019.  This is an issue with many vintage car clubs.

Unfortunately over the last couple of years the various club’s  membership and leadership has been literally dying off.  The issues are many and challenging, perhaps the biggest is the fact that many member cars are no longer maintained or roadworthy,  this weeks Checker event pulled in only six cars for the event.

Some speculate that recent club litigation and a limited Checker fan experience has left many Checker fans frustrated and more importantly questioning how their dues are spent.  It appears that the fun factor has been lost and many Checker fans don’t want to fund a clubs that litigates with members  (we’re aware of at least three clubs that have aggressively litigated or shot out cease and desist orders over the last three years).

Additionally, some of the other clubs have aligned with the purveyor of the “New Checker Hoax”  over the last five years members have been subjected to false promises and fairy tales of a car that would never be built.  When the famed hoaxer dumped 40 Checkers without notice in 2018,  again many club leaders defended the indefensible.  These club’s seems to be on the wrong side of many issue.

Feedback from ICTA memebers indicates that there appears to be a big disconnect between the other club’s leadership, its membership and the ability to create a Checker experience for all to enjoy, not just show participants.   For example,  while many Checker fans could have enjoyed this past weeks events via Facebook, the event was not shared on the club’s Facebook page with the general public at large? No live Facebook streaming, photos of Checkers at the event or updates, a clear disconnect with internet based Checker fans.

That said ICTA members have full access to the event, thanks to ICTA member Dave Kniffen,   the event was documented photographically on our ICTA Facebook page.  Over the years, ICTA members have been able to “share’ their Checker experiences with fellow Checker fans on a daily basis.

Adam’s big Checker score

Congratulations to ICTA member Adam Burlett, who scored big this week.  According to Adam “It was very nice to meet Frank Sussanna Cassirino. FOLKS there is many good parts here that could use a new home. Someone posted awhile ago about brakes for a 65. They have them, all sheet metal is in good fixable condition or better. Frank and Sussana are very honest people and would like there fathers hoard of checker parts to keep the love of the checkers on the road. Please contact them for any parts needs. These parts are in Virginia and they can transport large items to new jersey. Very honest and fair pricing. Daniel Smith you lucky dog, they wouldn’t sell me the parts you”

Steve Davis’ WWII Checker Trailer

ICTA Member Stave Davis scored big this week too with the addition of a Checker military trailer. According to Steve “Here’s a shot of a find we made today… Checker produced these Ben Hur trailers during WWII among a half dozen or so other manufacturers… this one supposedly built October of ’42 although the nomenclature plate was conveniently missing when we arrived.”

Reminder, four weeks left to register for the ICTA meet up at Macungie, PA. Das Awkscht Fescht event.  If you would like a registration form for the Sunday August 4th event, a registration form can be found in the files tab of the ICTA Facebook page.

For 55 years, Das Awkscht Fescht has been a summer tradition for all ages. Offering three fun-packed days in the great outdoors, it’s been a perfect way for families to celebrate summer and see some of the finest antique cars from the east coast.  Members of the ICTA have been participating in this event for a least 20 years!

The 2018 event