Over the years of owning my Checkers I have experienced what I have come to call my “Checkerside Chats”. Stories and experiences of people told to me at car shows, parking lots etc. Some of my favorites have been while at a show in Covington, a retired DEA agent told me of the use of Checker cabs for undercover work by the DEA and FBI in NYC and Chicago. He said those “Checkers blended in like the streets and buildings”
Another was an elderly man from the South Side of Chicago who said “those mother f&*king Checkers tried to kill us every God D$%m day !!!!!!! LOL

One gentleman regaled me with how he and his Marine buddies would pile into those jumpseats and hit the streets of NYC during fleet week.
But one of the most touching for me was while at a Post Office a very old gentleman was softly crying while telling me how my Checker brought back the fondest time of his life in NYC with his young wife.

Now the following is an interesting story that I now have been told at 3 car shows.  Supposedly there was a Morris family who lived in the Auburn area Southeast of Seattle who owned 5 Checkers !!! The father bought 5 Checkers, 1 for each of his daughters !
They used to been seen all together at schools, shopping and on the road traveling in a Checker convoy ! I am attempting to flesh this one story out, sounds wild…….

Well if you would like to image what a convoy of Checkers look like, check out this video