We all know that Checkers have long been the darling of the film industry.  Well, here is the photographic evidence, just a couple of film stills.  What’s a film still?  It’s a photograph taken on or off the set of a movie or television program during production. These photographs are also taken in formal studio settings and venues of opportunity such as film stars’ homes, film debut events, and commercial settings.

The photo in the header is from the 1972 film, War between Men and Women and jumping our of the way of a NYC Checker:  Jack Lemmon.

No, the above photo is not a picture of the new Checker with right hand drive.  It’s a still from the 1978 film that starred Amy Irving and Kirk Douglas, The Fury.

Who’s that man running into a hotel for an afternoon meeting? Its Alan Arkin in the 1972 film “Last Of The Red Hot Lovers”.

This one needs no explaination

From the 1957 MGM film “Slander” and 1950 Checker Model A4 sets the stage for Ann Blyth and Van Johnson