From the American Taxicab Association,  Oct 1965

Checker Motors Corporations of Kalamazoo, Michigan manufactures of taxicabs for 43 years, has a new longer more luxurious version of its famed taxicab. Nicknamed “Super Cab” the new 129 wheelbase limousine with roomier rear passenger area has additional seating space for three persons in two full size, forward facing square auxiliary seats. The new model seats a total of nine persons.

According to David R. Markin, vice president and director of sales, the “Super Cab” gives taxicab operators maximum comfort. On keeping with Checkers sole purpose of moving people comfortably, efficiently and economically, the passenger seating area has been increased 10%, while the rear door has been increased substantially to aid entrance and exit. The extra-wide, 52-inch foam cushions auxillary seats coupled with the increased space, now makes it possible for six adults to be seated in the rear in equal comfort.

World’s Fair Super Cab

While the 129” wheelbase is relatively long. The Super Cab. With its 209” overall length has a turning radius of less than 40 feet. The longer wheelbase, according to Mr. Markin, means operators can now offer the ultimate in passenger service and without extra cost. The enlarged interior has a rue limousine look and feel to it. The new 129” “Super Cab” provides an economical advantage to many fleet operators by retaining the Checker dependability and economy while increasing passenger space.
The auxiliary seats fold away neatly when not in use. Even when in position, passengers seated in the rear compartment have plenty of leg room.
Checker taxicabs have long been known for their higher, wider, door opening that allow customers to enter and leave with the dignity and ease: flat rear floors that mean more body room, and spacious interiors that are up to 30% larger than those in an ordinary four door sedan.

The Checker Super-cab retains the same sturdy features that have been long built into the standard product. The exclusive Double Channel X-Brace Frame is the backbone of Checker’s extra stamina and safety that has helped build its reputation for long life and comfort. Pioneers in the use of “wide track” design, Checker cabs have outstanding stability, cornering and steering.

In design, the Super-cab features the same classic interior that typifies the well-known silhouette of the Checker 120” taxicab. Style changes are negligible in Checker products allowing a full-time emphasis on technical and functional advances.

A 6-cyclinder, 140 BHP230 cu. In. overhead valve engine is standard on all Checker Taxicabs. A 195 BHP 283 V-8 is optional. Both engines are engineered to perform smoothly and economically on regular gas. The large twenty-three gallon fuel capacity means fewer stops, and more profitable time on the street.