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For many years now this club has had an internet troll consistently creating trouble and problems for the ICTA.  The club management has faced bogus lawsuits in Missouri.  We have seen countless harassing posts on Facebook, posts that Facebook refuses to remove, despite the fact that the majority of posts do not following Facebooks so-called community standards.

Despite all attempts to stop this mentally disturbed social media freak, the harrassment continues.  The ICTA had to develop a new strategy to squash this relentless harassment.  About two months ago, we created a cartoon of our harasser, lovingly referred to as the CHECKER MONSTER.  Well now its time to monetize our monster troll.

Today we are launching a new line of Checker fashion apparel; we are launching our CHECKER MONSTER line of clothing.  Suitable for all his fans: The Checker Crackheads, we hope they will buy in large numbers so we can make lots of money off of our troll.

Currently available, the Checker Monster T-Shirt.  A quality Hanes product we are offering in large and X-large sizes in yellow.  The Checker Monster may need Extra Extra Large, but we’ll hold off on production until we see a real demand for that freaks size.

If you would like a buy a shirt, theyare priced at the low cost of $29.99. Just send an email and we’ll ship and payment via Paypal.  Best way to order is via our email link on the top right of the screen.  Just send us an email.