1923 Checker Model H, sole survivor at the Gilmore Museum

Checker officially came off the line in May of 1922.  The first model was the Model C,  C standing for Commonwealth or Checker?  Who knows, that said between 1922 and 1926, Checker would offer several  “new” models, including the Model H and the Model E. Markin’s hype can be attributed to the word “new”, as the Model C, H and E were essentially the Commonwealth Mogul’s with new model names. Both were offered with a choice of 117- and 127-inch wheelbase. The Model E & H both used the Buda four-cylinder engine that CEO Morris Markin contracted soon after he started manufacturing under the Checker name. The most significant difference in design comparing the Model E and H to the Model C appears to be the larger chrome bumpers compared to the flimsy steel bumpers seen on the Model C.

Model E Export to UK
Model H, sole survivor at 1962 Chicago Auto Show
Model H, sole survivor at 1966 Chicago Auto Show