Don’t miss out on a great chance to see a gathering of Checker Taxicabs and Marathons in the UK!   ICTA member Peter Oliver is organizing the first ever Checker UK show!   The inaugural Checker meet will be held at the History on Wheels Museum at Eton Wick, near Windsor on Sunday June 2nd 2019.

Steve & Chantal Disbrowe’s Checker

If you own a Checker or want a chance to see our favorite make of cars, you’ll have a great opportunity to see restored Checkers as Peter and other ICTA members showcase their classic prized automobiles.   The show will be held in conjunction with a gathering of another fine Packards, so its expected to be a large gathering of fine automobiles.  Checkers and Packards at one great event!

While at the show, don’t miss out on chance to see the History on Wheels museum and the great display of one of the finest automotive and World War II collections in the world. Check out the General MacArthur’s Cadillac, the amphibious Jeep and Stuart Tank among other featured displays.   The kids will have a chance to see the Postman Pat’s mail van! You’ll also enjoy the full Musuem gift shop and cafe

For more information contact Peter at the museum 01753833833 or John Bath on 07887564951.

Check out the Wheels of History

Ray Tomkinson’s former Fort Cab

MacArthur’s Cadillac

WWII Amphibious Jeep