Reprinted from Rocky Mountain News, Nov 6th 1966

Included in the new car lines is one brand name whose product looks unchanged – but is as up-to-date as this minute because mechanical improvements are constantly made.  That name is Checker Marathon.

“Checker s look the same for 1967 as they did in 1966 and the year before that,” said Robert McMullen president of McKab Inc., 5381 E 52d Ave. Commerce City.  “This is the civilian version of the famous Checker Cab, and the Checker Marathon is designed for years of hard use and hundreds of thousands of miles of service.

The Checker company has been making durable cars for some 45 years and includes, besides the famous cabs (used in Denver by Yellow and Zone), the Marathon in a 4 door, 6 or 8 passenger versions, tow luxurious limousines and two Aerobuses for airport or hotel or school use – seating nine and twelve passengers.

McKab, distributors for the Checker line in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico, started in business early last year.  McMullen and his father, W.W. McMullen, a McKab vice president were in the automobile business in New Mexico for 20 years before opening in Denver.McKab's former Comerce City location today in 2021

Checker are designed for long life – 150,000 miles before any major servicing is common: for safety, using heavier materials in the chassis and body, and for comfort, with larger door openings, higher and firmer seats, up to 30 percent more headroom and legroom, McMullen points out.

Checker sedans and wagons are in a 129-inch wheelbase and slightly under 200 inches in overall length.  The standard motor is a 6-cylinder, 230-cubic-inch, 140 horsepower engine, with tow V-8s with up to 250 horsepower available as options.