At the ICTA are motto is   “Annual Dues…………Your Friendship”

We at the ICTA are a tight bunch, we love Checkers and we do whatever is necessary to pull together as a group of hard core Checker fans to get the job done.  Whether its saving a lone Checker, finding parts or helping another ICTA member sell a car w unite.  We’re not about Facebook memes, dues, or any other BS to show everybody how wonderful and witty we are,  we’re just a bunch of Checker fans.

Our classified “Checker For Sale” tab on the ICTA website is free to all.  Its easy to submit an listing.  Just click on the email link on the top right section of the website and send us your information.

A perfect example of how we all help each other happened in mid October.  ICTA member Milton Horowitz sent a request and some photos for a classified listing.  The following is his advertisement.

Former Taxicab.  Turns over and ran strong when it did… has an intercooler added to the transmission to help prevent over heating  Needs new plugs and oil change for sure will probably fire right up”.

As with all of our listings, we always post the ad on the ICTA Facebook page.  With close to 1000 members,  the posting immediately reaches our Checker focused member base.  We typically post three to five ads a week.  To date we have posted almost 500  advertisements on our Facebook page over the last four years

With most cases the interest generated via the post will result in further posting activity that winds up on our ICTA Facebook pages.  Case in point,  Milton’s Checker for sale listing generated comments and additional posts.

About a month later ICTA member Emerson Zentz posted on the ICTA Faebook page  “So the last trip to Ohio we stopped and looked at this a11e .”   Additionally he posted “Trying to find this thing a home as it has many good parts, 1,000 obo. Can get you in touch with the owner if you’re serious.”  A perfect example of ICTA members helping each other.

From that post about 25 additional comments were generated that provided more insight on the car.  Most interesting was the discovery that the Checker A11e once belonged to Ben Merkel.  A 25 year old photo popped up of the actual car taken at Ben’s Twilight Taxi headquarters circa 1995. (see header photo)

As is the case with virtually all ICTA Faceobook activity, the story about the car sale ended with a happy ending.   On December 12th , ICTA member Mike Fricano posted  “Brought home something today….”.  A picture depicting the A11e was on a trailer heading to East Tonawanda, New York.  We look forward to Mike’s updated on Facebook/

So there you have it,  Checker friends helping Checker friends and finding a new home for an A11e