Thanks to the generosity of an ITCA donor,  we now have eight binders of Checker Motors Corp. Public Relations Dept. 1965-67 scrap books recently donated to the archive.  Apparently, CMC utilized the Luce Press Clipping a division of Burrelle’s Information Services to track all Checker press coverage.  A wealth of new Checker stories, we will post many of them over the next year.  What better way to present this donation, but with past Checker charity.

Up today,  two stories about Checker charity.   This writer fondly remembers parish priest Joseph Gough of Our Lady of Fatima, Sudbury, Mass. was the proud owner of a 1969 Checker Marathon.  All Catholics know that priests take an oath of poverty, so as a boy, I always wondered how Father Gough bought a Checker?

Based on a review of Checker the recently donated CMC PR scrapbooks, it appears that many charitable organizations donated funds to Churches or Hospitals in order to acquire Checkers.  Perhaps Checkers were considered austere?

Two stories the header is from The Minneapolis Star February 18th 1965.

A contribution from the Minneapolis Foundation made possible the purchase of this new Checker Marathon car for the Minneapolis Curative Workshop, a United Fund agency.  Helen Mertz, 4640 Oakland Ave., a patient at the workshop, got an assist from Harry Erickson, a workshop driver, as she arrived for treatment.  At left is Robert Embretson, of Lyndale Automotive, the Checker dealer in Minneapolis.

The second charity item comes from The Waukegan Sun, March 26th 1966

Sisters Miguela sites in the driver’s seat of the new Checker car which the sisters at Immaculate Conception School will have for their usew.  The admiring audience are from left, Sister Marie Clare, school principal, sister Martia Elle and Sister Teresa Aquin (staff photo)

Checker Motors Corporation Public Relation Binders 1965-67