In a recent SavageUniversal blog about photographic backdrop, the following was presented

“Photographic backdrops come in so many styles and types that it can be downright confusing when trying to find that perfect match for your next shoot. After all, you will need to decide between various colors, shades, patterns, and materials before taking a shot.

No one has time to try every backdrop during a shoot, so developing a good instinct for the right one, whether in the studio or on location, is a skill every photographer should learn.

There are few rules to follow other than this: Don’t let your backdrop overwhelm your subject (that is, unless you want it to.) So you see, there are no rules!”

Any Checker owner can tell you a story about how someone wanted to use their Checker in a photo shoot. This writer has participated in several photo shoots where the Checker is the photographic backdrop.

This quick blog will showcase some fantastic Fashion shots that feature Checkers. Most importantly these photos appear to have let the Checker overwhelm!

All pictures in this blog among hundreds more can be found in the various fashion albums set up on our ICTA Facebook page. Enjoy!

More photos can be found in this link for ICTA members only


1941 Checker Model A in a Voque Cover Picture


Checker Scarf and a Mid Sixties Checker A11 Standard NYC Livery


1956 Checker A8 Vogue Magazine


5 Passenger NYC Checker A11


60’s era Business Man and his awaiting Checker