Reprinted from the Motrcab News May 1924

Fuller Taxicab Corporation Organized – Starts in Business With a Whirl of Public Approval

Los Angeles has a new cab company. Starting early in April with thirty Checker Cabs, the Fuller Taxicab Corporation quickly swept into complete victory.

The President of this new coast corporation is O. H. Fuller, one of the best known transportation men of the West.  Mr. Fuller is also president of the White Auto Company and the Motor Transit Company and is reported to be the largest operator of motor buses in the country carrying over 2,500,000 people during the past year.

Associated with Mr. Fuller as Secretary and Treasurer of the new operating company is F. D. Howell who is also Vice-President and Assistant General Manager of the Motor Transit Company.

Here they are at the head of the parade. From left to right with his thumb in his pockets, Hon. George E. Cryer, Mayor of Los Angeles, Next in line with the light suit and capable face O. B. Fuller and the Hon. Boyle Workman City Council

“My associates and myself are convinced that Los Angeles is already a metropolitan city and as such is entitled to the very best and latest taxicab equipment that money can by” said Mr. Fuller.  “With this in mind we purchased the type of cabs proving the most popular in the larger cities of the United States.  The Checker Cabs which we have now put on the streets of Los Angeles are much larger and roomier and have very superior riding qualities. Our prices are as low as the lowest, much lower than most other companies.

Taxicab Parade Marks Start of Fuller Service

Traffic in the business section of Los Angele was almost at a standstill, April 3rd, during the noon hour while Mayor Cryer and other city officials arrested in the inaugural ceremonies and parade of the fuller Taxicab Corporation.  Following the parade drivers of the new company carried everybody free whenever they wanted to go until 6 p. m.

Amid blares of bands, honking of horns and cheers from the crowds, the new Checker cab fleets staged an elaborate parade.

A squad of motorcycles led off.  The band followed. Then came a platoon of costumed chauffeurs wearing Sam Browne belts.

Snappy Checker Drivers on Parade, Opening of Fuller Taxicab Corporation. Note their Smart uniforms, Sam Browne Belts and real he-faces

In the first cab rode George E. Cryers, Mayor of Los Angeles, Boyle Workman, President of the City Council and O. R. Fuller, President of the Taxi Company. In the second cab were Councilmen Criswell, Mushet and Allen, and F. D. Howell, Secretary Treasurer.

More than thirty new cabs formed the line that wound through the streets, starting from the City Hall, processing down Broadway to First street, to Spring street to Fifth, back to Broadway, to Ninth, back down Spring street to First and Main, back to Broadway, to Ninth, back down Spring street to first and Main, south on Main to Pacific Electric Building.  After the parade the Mayor and guests were conducted to the Jonathan Club for a banquet.


The beginning of the Fuller Taxicab Corporation is Los Angeles is of real interest to every business man in the country.  It shows that real business men of the type of Mr. Fuller and Mr. Howell are daily realizing the great opportunities in organized, efficient, businesslike, standardized cab operation in every city.  The days of the shiftless, poorly financed, inexperienced operator are numbered.

Makes Tour of Country before Standardizing On Checkers

While making a tour of the country’s transportation centers the latter part of last year.  Mr. Fuller made a “close-up” study of the latest conditions and methods of motor transportation throughout the country.

“This tour,” said Mr. Fuller, “which was for the sole purpose of keeping our transportation interests here the most up-to-the-minute in the country proved to me that the equipment and operations of the Motor Transit states is equal to the very best in the East and greatly superior in many ways to most of the stage lines in the country.”

All of Hollywood turned out to help Fuller Taxicab Celebrate

Upon Mr. Fuller’s return to Los Angeles, he made a thorough investigation of the local taxicab field and came to the conclusion that Los Angeles was growing so rapidly that local city carriers could not adequately handle the demands made upon them.

“The equipment selected for the Fuller Taxicab Corporation,” said Mr. Fuller, “are standard Checker Cabs, made by the Checker Cab Manufacturing Corporation of Kalamazoo, Michigan.  The cabs are large and roomy and can very comfortably accommodate five passengers without crowding.  Deep cushions, longer wheelbase and long resilient springs give limousine riding ease.  Greater size of frame and strength of chassis and body lend utmost security and safety. “

One of the new Checker Cabs in Los Angeles and one of the gentlemanly, intelligent drivers of Fuller Taxicab Corporation


In their advertising, too, the Fuller Taxicab Corporation are “up and at it.”  They are capitalizing their telephone number: their courteous, neat and business-like drivers: and the obvious advantages of genuine Checker Cab equipment.

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