We lost a great Checker Cab friend this past weekend with the passing of Dan Smith.  Dan was a great guy, funny and quite a curmudgeon.   For those who didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Dan, he did so much for the Checker Cab community.

With the passing of Joe Pollard,  Dan took charge of the disposition of the Pollard Checker fleet just two years ago.  When another Checker vendor dumped 40 Checkers in Lawrence, Mass,  Dan led the charge to save as many Checkers as possible.  As recently as two weeks ago, Dan was planning a massive Ebay Checker Cab selling blitz.  He loved this hobby and had a fleet of about 30 Checker upon his passing.

He will be greatly missed by the Checker folks who considered Dan their friend, including this writer.  The video below,  from the summer of 2019 is just a sample of his dedication to Checker Cabs and the hobby.   RIP Dan, from all your Checker friends.

We’ll update this blog with any Memorial information as soon as we hear more.  Condolences to the Smith family in Rockford, IL.  Dan is survived by his parents, brother and a sister.


Daniel Smith Obituary – Phoenix, AZ (dignitymemorial.com)