The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive website is a  treasure trove of Checker content,  it’s the largest single database of Checker manuals, service bulletins, engineering illustrations and memos in the world.  That said, we have not discussed the fantastic Facebook page and that’s unfortunate, it too has a wealth of Checker content.  The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive Facebook page contains 10547 photos. It’s the largest collection of Checker photos in the world. Its almost 10 times larger than any other Checker Facebook page.

The photo that headlines this blog is from the Checker Accidents Album one of many albums created by our members.  The photo album contains many unfortunate Checker mishaps.  This particular photo is captioned:  Cab driver and his four passengers miraculously escape injury 12/12 when a 50 ft truck trailer collided with the cab and toppled over on it. the driver of the truck Harold Leonard 28 of Bristol, Va, who had just arrived from Memphis, Tenn., was uninjured UPI 12/18/52

Sourced from ACME, we try to give proper credit to all sources of photographic content. ACME was a large photographic syndicate that distributed photos to newspapers across the nation some 50 plus years ago. The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive has a large archive of ACME Checker related photos and  they can only be found in the Facebook archive not the club website.  The only way to get access to these pictures is by joining our FREE Checker Club on Facebook


Another ACME photo is this 1948 Chicago accident pulled from history for the benefit of Internet Checker Taxicab Archive members to view on demand.  The photo above was captioned as follows:

A Chicago Transit Authority Bus, after colliding with this taxi cab on the south side here earlier today, caromed off and crashed into (background left) knocking the front porch down. Six were hurt in the freak accident, but none fatally.  Collision occurred within a half block of a parked gasoline truck with an 8000 LBS load  (ACME

This ACME photo depicts a tragic fire at one of the Checker garages in Chicago

August 6, 1946: FIRE DESTROYS CABS, Chicago – The skeletons of nearly 40 Checker Cabs after a fire destroyed the second garage of the Checker company within three days. Police are checking the possibility of “grudge” arson. ACME Newspictures Inc. Chicago Bureau.

Many are familiar with the famous Chicago Checker Taxi sale to the Finland Taxi Association.  Only the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive has this photo in its archive, thanks to members Bruce and Marjorie Uhrich.

C-13006 From Chicago Beau TRANSATLANTIC TAXI RIDE Chicago: the first of 500 Checker taxis sold to a cab driver associations in Finland is hoisted on the Prince Willhem III here today. The cab cargo will move through the great lakes and Saint Lawrence Waterway, and will be transferred in Rotterdam to a Finnish vessel to Helsinki. Any cab that can’t be clear before winter halts navigation will be driven to New York for shipment. (Acme Telephoto) 9/29/51.

The taxi trade was a pretty tough business in the 30’s and 40’s, these three ACME photos depict the rough side of the taxi war and mob rule.

Chicago Bureau FORMER HEAD OF CAB COMPANY FOUND DEAD IN STREET Chicago; Robert E McLaughlin night club owner, and former President of the Checker Cab Company was found slain in street in typical gangland fashion, early Chistmas morning, on the near northwest side. He had been shot three times in head and neck. His brother, Eugene “Red”, was killed in 1930 during gang feud. PLEASE WATCH WIRES List 30 “credit Line (Acme) “DJH-AKR-NO-KCS 12-25-42

Cleveland May 28, 1934. Violence broke out anew in Cleveland’s taxi strike when an attempt was made to operate Yellow Cabs in defiance of the Taxi Drivers Union. Despite a heavy police cordon , a shower of bricks and bolts, thrown by strikers and their sympathizers greeted the heavily screened cabs when they made there appearance. (ACMEPHOTOGRAPH) note the taxi is actually a 1930 Model K.

Violence still continues in Chicago’s cab war. The luckless driver of the above cab was serverely beaten and forced to abandon his cab. Striking cab drivers who attacked him poured gasoline over the car and set it aflame. All negotiations for settlement of the stricke were canceled as a result of riots by striking drivers in Chicago’s loop today. ACME 3-17-37

Beyond ACME the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive also has photos from other photographic news syndicates like this ChicagoSun Times photo.

August 16, 1945 article name Cabbies, Location Union Depot. Times Reporter Terry Colangelo and Checker Cab Driver Max Leibowitz, 58 of 1341 S Harding who says “Hokay I take anyvere in da city limits” Photo T-199 photographer Pauer

This is just a sample of the thousands of photos in the closed Internet Checker Taxicab Archive.  So how do you get access to these photos,  you have to join our FREE club via Facebook.  We do have rules regarding photos, we asked all members to be mindful of other members submissions.  Being a closed group on Facebook there isn’t any share functionality within the group, this is deliberate to insure our photo are not misused.   If you want to lift or use any photo in our Facebook group please ask permission from the original poster and give proper credit when using any photo from the Internet Checker Taxicab Archive.

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