Looking to sell my 81 A11 taxi. Losing my winter storage. Was a WV car most of its life. Restored in the 90’s, bondo is starting to crack in a couple areas. Straight 6, newer carb, new radiator, freshly relined fuel tank, tires in good shape, etc. It has what I figure ot be about 400k on it. Bought it with a non working odometer but going off what the previous owner told me, sounds about right. Fresh checker stripes this spring. It’s not a beauty queen but gets the attention on the road and at shows. I am sellign it with an 81 parts car, A11E. Parts only, plenty of rust but has a divider, non running V8, decent tires, all the trim, etc. hoping to sell both at the same time. Asking $7500 for both.

Contact Mike mfricano@mac.com 716-946-4506