As a kid I always remember the annual Goodyear advertisement in Time and Life magazine that depicted a car for every year that Goodyear offered tires for automobiles.  Each year a new car was added to represent another year that Goodyear had serviced the automotive industry.

Goodyear Poster

Goodyear Advertisement for 1969 another AMC is added to the inventory

1965 was a big year in the automotive industry, one would have expected the Goodyear advertisement would have the Mustang added to the inventory of cars.  Instead of the Mustang, the car for 1965 was the AMC Ramber Marlin, somebody at Goodyear must have like Ramblers! The Mustang made it in 1966.

Like Goodyear, Checker had a posters that was updated on a regular basis. First introduced in 1952, the poster was updated regularly as Checker added new models.  A great marketing idea, but as is the case with much of Checker sales material, it’s filled with errors.

Let’s take a look at the 1952 version and review some of the errors.  The first one is pretty glaring, the second Checker depicted is a Model D, the concern here is that Checker never made a Model D.  There is also a Taxicab depicted as a Model 2-A, small error, it’s an A2.

Checker Group001 (2)


The poster for 1968 and 1970 is full of errors.  The main issue with this poster is that it no longer designates models, but instead depicted years. The Taxicab depicted a for 1927 is actually a 1933 Model T. The vehicle depicted for 1932 is actually a 1934-1939 Model Y.  The Model A is cataloged as a 1938-40, but was actually produced as a 1940 and 41.

Given the errors, I hope you will enjoy a corrected poster that depicts Checkers from 1922 thru 1982.   It’s about time.  Over the last two years a significant search has been executed to find CMC promotional photos that could be used to recreate the poster.  The toughest photo to find was the Model F and Model E UK taxicabs, two years. Once I had the photos I could create a new and accurate poster depicting all core Checker cars produced from 1922-1982. Enjoy.

Checker Update