It’s almost New Years, it’s cold and rainy outside. The Checkers has been safely stored for the winter. What’s a Checker collector supposed to do during the winter……hibernate?

Uncle Johnny and his Checker Model A Dec. 1940

Not this Checker fan, for the last twenty years ever since this writer first logged onto Ebay, I have been collecting Checker photos. Does not matter what kind, be it promotional, artistic, press/journalistic and even family photo. They’re all fun to collect and view.

This is a short blog today, just promoting the joy and sharing of seeing a Checker driver smiling with there pride and joy. Be in owner operated or a fleet driver, many Checker drivers have struck a pose either behind the wheel or standing aside the Checker since Checker we’re first introduced.

Our header photo is actually from the back of a Model A photo. Standing on the passenger side of the Model A Radio cab is good old uncle Johnny.  Dated December 23, 1945 perhaps Uncle Johnny was delivering Christmas presents to his nephews and nieces.  Pasted away in a family photo album, the photo was hidden away for 80 years. Now we get to see it.

One can only imagine the challenges of keeping this 1940 Checker on the road and in service during World War II.  This photo was taken the December after the war ended.  It would be more than two years before another new Checker was available, Johnny probably did everything he could to keep this Checker running and presentable.

Makes you wonder, who will take care of our Checker pictures after we’re long gone. Enjoy the pictures and Happy New Year from the ICTA.

A proud driver of a Checker Model C

A lovely lady standing with her Model Y circa 1936

Model Y Driver Circa 1937

Proud driver of a 1950 Yellow Cab of Chicago

Battered Checker A9 and Tired Driver circa 1966

Eager Young Checker Driver circa 1975