The Automobile Manufacturers Association was a trade group of auto manufacturers which operated under various names in the US from 1911 to 1999.

The association focused upon establishing a code for fair competition. In 1939, it moved its headquarters from New York City, where it had been close to bankers, to Detroit where the manufacturers were all based.

During the early stages of WWII, the association played a role in adapting American automotive manufacturing capabilities towards arms production efforts, especially regarding large aircraft engines.  Between a fifth and a quarter of all U.S. wartime production was accounted for by the automotive industry.

After several race car crashes back in the 50’s the Automobile Manufacturers Association placed a ban on factory supported racing. As a result, the automotive industry essentially disappeared from the NASCAR. The ban began to end in 1962 when  Henry Ford II announced that the Ford Motor Company would again begin participating openly in NASCAR.

One of the missions of the AMA was to drive standardization of metrics and measures of all automobile.  Along with metrics standardization, the AMA introduced functional views to be used in comparing automobiles feature for feature.  These views would be introduced in the AMA Vehicle Specification Forms.

Key features and functions included in AMA specifications forms included: dimensions, engines, exhaust, fuel systems, cooling systems, electrical systems, brakes, steering, suspensions, tire and wheels.

Checker was a member of the AMA and on an annual bases provided the AMA with the requisite data for Marathons, Taxicabs and Aerobus.  The Internet Checker Taxicab Archive recently loaded a substantial portion of AMA Checker specs into the web archive.

Loaded so far is:  1960, 1966, 1968, 1972-77 and the last year of production 1982.  Access is easy and all documents can be downloaded at a push of a button.

Full year menu matrix click on the “Other” menu option


Just go to the archive and click on the pull down Archive menu item and select the decade.  Scroll down and click on the year matrix on the item “other” and you will find the listed AMA specifications.  Click on the item and it will pop up


Note the amber item, once click a list of item will display

We have some gaps in our inventory, if you have a copy for any of the missing years, please send us an email and let us know if you would like to donate for scanning.  All documents will be return in undamaged condition.