Webmaster Note:  This ad present factually incorrect material.  Checker Aerobuses were not made in the UK or assembled on boxcar frames. Checker were assembled in good old Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Checker Aerobuses were produced from 1961 till 1977.  The reference 5000 units are year reflects total annual Checker production.  The reference regarding turning radius and NYC is nonsense.  This car is being sold on consignment are the agent seems to know little regarding Checkers.  Additionally, given the high asking price, we are surprised at the amount of surface rust that is evident in the pictures.

Broadway Motor Company specializes in rare and eclectic classic cars you will not see anywhere else.

This Checker Cab Aerobus is a perfect example, and is a true one-of-a-kind.

The Checker Cab Aerobus was built for only for 3 years; 66, 67, 68. Only 5000 were built each year. The parts were sent to England where they were assembled on train box car frames to add 2 additional doors, and seats.

Some Aerobuses made it back to the states, to NY City, but were too long to make the tight turns. So most ended up in personal collections.

This particular one was owned by a famous county song writer in Nashville. His hits included ‘Cab Driver’ and ‘Something Stupid” as platinum singles.

Carson Parks name, song titles and record label are on the vehicle and the custom keyboard graphics represent the instrument he played.

A true Nashville treasure, huge money making opportunity, and amazing collectable.

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