From the National Archives in Chicago,  in the 1929 case, Checker Cab Manufacturing was taken to court for not providing the cabs that had been ordered by Checker Taxi Company. These photographic exhibits from the case include images of the cabs along the Chicago lakefront, and a photo of a cab stand somewhere on the South Side of Chicago (probably the Kenwood neighborhood). From United States District Court, Northern District from the National Archives at Chicago. Checker Cab Manufacturing Corporation vs Checker Taxi Company, #7726 3/19/1929. Photo by Hornby & Freberg November 25th 1922

This is interesting as Morris Markin did not have full control of Checker Taxi Company until the 30’s.  In 1929 Checker Taxi Company was actually suing Checker Cab Manufacturing.  Clearly, this lawsuit would be mute once Morris Markin gained total control of Checker Taxi Company.

Also note the taxicab is painted black and green, the correct color scheme of the era.  The Checker Model H in Chicago is painted the 1960’s era colors of gree, black and beige.