ICTA member Jeff Detweiler has birddogged this Checker and was kind enough to forward logitical auction information regarding the California Checker up for auction, perhaps a Californina Checker fan can save this car.

Hey California Checker fans! Here’s what looks to be a great 1975 A12 coming up for auction on Tuesday. Civilian model sedan, 6 cyl., auto, AM radio. California car, so appears very solid. There’s some catches here….it’s being sold by IAAI.com, which is an insurance salvage (mostly ) auction company, that also sells cars donated to charity, which this shows as having been. You A) Need to be a California resident as apparently there was a lost title so IAAI has completed the approval for lost title app, but a California resident has to buy it and complete the process. Originally it said dealer or scrapper only, but that has been taken off today. You have to register with IAAI to bid, which you can do online. I did it and its’ only $150 for a year I think, so not a huge deal. That also allows you to bid on 10’s of thousands of cars a year.

The car is located in Fresno, so if you’re nearby you can probably inspect it Monday the 3rd. Auction is online and is on May 4, starting at 11:30 CDT. The link should take you to the page that shows the car, which includes a 360 video, and a video of it running. It looks pretty damn clean…front seat wear, front bumper splash plastic bad, otherwise…Showing 15,948.7 ( they have it listed at 159, 487 which is wrong…they also show the odometer. )
I’ve been watching it since Joe first posted in early April, and waiting for it to be released for sale, which happened yesterday, so that’s why the short notice. There are links on the IAA site to brokers, and you can call one to set up the bidding if you need to.
I would definitely buy it, but after calls with a broker and two different offices of IAA there doesn’t appear to be any way around the CA resident part. Really looks like a nice solid survivor and it would be great to see someone in the group snag it. They have it listed as front end damage ( which appears to be the splash shield) but there are lots of photos and you can see condition pretty well. Here’s the link, and please feel free to message me if you have any questions about the posting. Hope someone on here can snag it! Good luck!