It appears that the Haverhill, Mass based company continues the process of exiting out of the Checker Parts business.  Owner Steve Contarino posted on Facebook an advertisement for a Checker Aerobus.  Many may remember Mr. Contarino,  as the man who bombastically told the world in 2015 that he was going to restart Checker Marathon production.

As we approach 2021 its been almost six years since the announcement and Checker fans worldwide still eagerly await the official introduction.  Don’t hold your breath.   A recent review of Contarino’s website identified only 17 Checker parts still for sale.   The following is a list of parts currently for sale.

1.  Under Hood Cowl Seal                            20.00
2.  Hood                                                        No Price
3.  Chrome Side View Mirror                         49.95
4.  Clear Back-up Lens                                 29.00
5.  Fender Seam w/Chrome Top                   59.95
6.  Fenders                                                    No Price
7.  Gas Tank (New)                                       700.00
8.  Poly-Carbonate Chromed Grille               299.00
9.  Rear Quarter, Outer                                 No Price
10. Red Tail Light Lens                                 22.00
11. Replica Front Hood Emblem                   85.00
12. Rocker Panels 120″  wheelbase             499.95
13. Unleaded Fuel Only Decal                      8.00
14. Vent shade Deflectors                            139.00
15. 2-1/2” Checker Motor Cars Emblems     39.00
16. Windshield Gasket                                  175.00
17. Gas Shocks                                             114.00

Mr Contarino is several thousand parts short of the actual full inventory needed to build a new Checker.  It’s interesting to note that many of the parts listed above are priced far above current market values.

Since failing to introduce a new Checker,  Mr. Contarino has been selling cars and parts to reduce his investment.  According to Mr. Contarino ” We have this one with a complete new paint job for $2500.00 Needs to be completed”

For details please find the contact information below.

Steve Contarino
45 Research Drive,
Haverhill, MA 01832

Phone: Inside U.S. 866-223-1832
Outside U.S. 978-222-3158